Frequently Asked Questions



I’m traveling to a destination that requires a negative COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours prior to departure. What day should I send in my sample?2020-09-23T09:26:58-06:00
Departure DaySend the sample in via FedExResults emailed
SundayThursdaySaturday Morning
MondayFriday w/ special labelSaturday Evening
TuesdaySaturdayMonday Evening
WednesdayMondayWednesday Morning
ThursdayMondayWednesday Morning
FridayTuesdayThursday Morning
SaturdayWednesdayFriday Morning
How do I pay?2020-11-30T15:05:21-07:00

COVID-19 RT-PCR test kits must be ordered and purchased online. For bulk orders of 10 or more, an invoice will be emailed via Quickbooks to be paid online. We are also able to take payment over the phone.

Do The COVID Consultants use an RT-PCR test? Is this the same as a NAAT test? Is this test FDA/EUA approved?2020-09-13T22:38:08-06:00

RT stands for reverse transcriptase, PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction, which is a type of test that amplifies genetic material. Our test is an FDA/EUA approved diagnostic test for COVID-19.  If COVID-19 is present, it will detect it in your sample.

NAAT stands for Nucleac Acid Amplification Test. A PCR test is a type of NAAT test. Therefore, the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) PCR test that we offer is accepted in locations that require a NAAT COVID-19 test.

Will my destination accept this test?2020-09-13T22:43:16-06:00

It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure our test kits will be accepted by the destination.  Our tests are accepted at most locations excluding: Jamaica, French Polynesia (Bora Bora and Tahiti), and potentially others.

What is RT-PCR?2020-12-13T12:06:08-07:00

It stands for reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. It is a laboratory technique which converts the RNA to DNA and amplifies specific DNA targets using polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Is this the RT-PCR test a molecular based test?2020-12-13T12:07:48-07:00

Yes, the RT-PCR test kits we offer (nasal and sputum) are performed by nucleic acid amplification.

Do The COVID Consultants have their own lab?2020-12-13T12:09:09-07:00

No, we partner with MicrogenDX, a molecular based laboratory in Lubbock, Texas. All shipping labels for COVID tests should be addressed to:

Jennifer White or Rick Martin
2002 W Loop 289, Ste 116
Lubbock, TX 79407

Is MicroGenDx a CLIA/CAP certified lab? – YES2020-12-13T16:17:27-07:00
Is MicrogenDx an FDA/EUA test? – YES2020-12-13T16:20:26-07:00

Please click this link for a copy of the FDA/EUA approval https://microgendx.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2-EUA200067-DMD-Letter-Granting-Inclusion-Under-LDT-EUA-04-23-2020.pdf

The EUA stands for Emergency Use Authorization


Are there COVID tests that have full FDA approval?2020-12-14T04:59:38-07:00

No, there is no COVID test in America that has full FDA approval. The best on the market is a test that is FDA EUA approved.

How many tests need to be ordered for bulk discount?2020-12-14T05:16:38-07:00

A quantity of 10 or more PCR tests delivered to the same location.

Is your COVID test a rapid test?2020-12-14T05:18:05-07:00

Rapid tests are typically antigen tests, with results in 15 minutes.  Those are not accepted for travel to most destinations. We offer rapid antigen testing at our Evergreen, CO clinic only. Our PCR tests have “rapid results” within 24-hours of the specimen arriving at the lab. However, this is not generally the kind of rapid test people are referring to.

What’s the difference between nasopharyngeal and nasal?2020-12-14T05:21:06-07:00

Nasopharyngeal swabs, or “deep nasal swab,” go all the way up your nose and into your nasopharynx (these are very uncomfortable). These type of test must be performed by a medical professional.

Nasal swabs get inserted into the nostril until resistance is met. This test can be performed by the patient. It is not recommended for someone else to administer the test for the patient, unless they are a medical professional.

What is our guarantee?2020-12-14T05:22:35-07:00

The COVID Consultants guarantee is that results will be delivered to the patient via email within 24 hours of the complete sample arriving at the laboratory.  We are not responsible for delivery delays to the patient or to the lab by FedEx due to weather or for any other reason beyond our control.

What if I need my test to get to the lab on a Saturday?2020-12-14T05:32:18-07:00

All tests being sent out on a Friday from the patient need a special Saturday delivery label.  To ensure that you have received a Saturday label, make sure that the sample kit in the box is placed in the poly-mailer shipping bag that has a label that reads “Delivery Monday-Saturday.” This special return label is $15 for each box returned to the lab.

I was exposed to someone with COVID-19, when should I take a PCR test?2020-12-14T05:33:22-07:00

DO NOT test immediately after exposure or you will get a false negative.  Wait 4-7 days from exposure to test.  If the test is negative and you develop symptoms, re-test.  If you had an exposure, you must still quarantine for 14 days even if you test negative.

I am travelling internationally and my destination requires a seal on my results. Do you provide that?2020-12-14T05:34:54-07:00

Yes, we can provide this. You can make a note of this on your order. However, it is best to wait until you receive your results email and reply back to it about needing the seal added. This is a manual process and not done on every test result.

How will I get my results?2020-12-14T05:40:23-07:00

For results that come back as Not Detected, results are emailed using an encrypted HIPAA compliant emailing system. Results will be provided in a PDF format. Along with the results will come a narrative explaining the results and FDA/EUA authorization for MicrogenDx test.

For results that come back as Positive, patients will receive an email and a phone call from one of our in-house infectious physicians to help navigate results.

How much does the test cost?2020-12-14T05:41:34-07:00

$219 per test kit + applicable shipping cost from CC warehouse to patient.  A prepaid FedEx Priority Overnight shipping label from the patient to the lab is included in the kit. Note: If the kit is being returned to the lab for processing on a Saturday, a $15 FedEx return label must be added to the order.

How far in advance should I order my test kit?2020-12-14T05:42:19-07:00

Since the test kits are non-perishable and have an unlimited shelf life we would recommend you order the test kit as soon as you know you will be needing a kit.  This may save you on shipping.

How fast will my order be shipped?2020-12-14T05:43:39-07:00

Orders placed prior to 3pm MST weekdays and 12pm MST on Saturday, will be processed the same day whenever possible. On high volume days orders that paid for Priority Overnight shipping will get priority in the shipping queue. They will be shipped via FedEx by whichever method is chosen at check out.

I need my test delivered to me ASAP what are the delivery options?2020-12-14T05:50:20-07:00

We offer Priority Overnight FedEx shipping of test kits ordered prior to 3pm MST. To most locations FedEx will deliver the next business day by either 10:30am or 12:00pm. If your location is more remote, it could be later. If you are needing a test today, please call a the Client Services Team.  If you are able to procure the collection cup we can send via email the requisition form, instructions, and shipping label to return to the lab the same day.

Can you ship to my PO Box?2020-12-14T05:51:18-07:00

No. We only use FedEx for shipping and they will not deliver to a PO Box.

Can you ship outside the Continental United States?2020-12-14T05:52:14-07:00

We can ship outside the Continental United States at the expense to the patient. However, we cannot guarantee timely arrival of the package to the patient. If the patient is returning the specimen from outside the Continental United States, our prepaid FedEx return labels will not work for this and patient would be responsible for getting the kit returned to the lab at their own expense. We also cannot guarantee timely receipt by the lab and processing of results as there are likely to be delays in customs and otherwise.

I need to order a lot of tests, are there any discounts?2020-12-14T05:53:15-07:00

All orders of 10 or more and shipped to the same address are discounted at a rate of $179 per test. Please call us at (303) 309-0093 or email us at info@thecovidconsultants.com to order.

What is the return policy?2021-01-21T18:22:54-07:00

All returns must be made within 30 days of placing the order. The kits must be returned unopened and unused. Any returned kit must be sent to our Evergreen, Colorado location and not the lab in Lubbock, Texas.  There will be a $75 restocking fee per test and the shipping cost of the kit to the patient will not be refunded.

What are the possible errors that can occur along the way?2020-12-14T06:03:42-07:00

Leaked samples.  We do not refund leaked samples.  If a patient’s specimen leaked, we can send them another test kit. To prevent leaks, we ask patients to tap the cup after securing the lid closed.

*Do NOT provide a urine sample.

*Ensure the specimen size is sufficient (2-3mls are required).

FedEx delivery delays are possible due to weather and/or other extenuating circumstances.  We recommend patients check the package using the tracking number provided in the test kit and call FedEx if anything seems off with the shipment. Each kit comes with a tear off tracking number in the box for return shipment to the lab. Please keep a copy of this tracking number for your records and ability to track.

Do I need to fill out the medical number on the cup?2020-12-14T06:04:44-07:00

No. Leave this blank.

Where do I sign?2020-12-14T06:06:05-07:00

The most current version of the Requisition Form does not require a patient signature.

What do I need to fill in on my Requisition Form?2020-12-14T06:07:00-07:00

All highlighted fields MUST be filled in when sample is sent. A legible first name, last name, date of birth, and email address are the most important items and will ensure results are emailed accurately and efficiently.

Am I able to collect my own sample?2020-12-14T06:08:13-07:00

Yes, all of our test kits are designed for self-administration by a non-medical professional.

Should I put the tissue in the bag into the specimen cup?2020-12-14T06:09:55-07:00

No! This will contaminate the sample and the lab won’t be able to process it.

Is this test covered by insurance?2020-12-14T06:11:37-07:00

It can be. The patient needs to confirm this with their insurance company and file a claim. Medicare generally covers $100 for the test. We are self-pay only and all tests must be paid for in advance. Any medical claims need to be filed by the patient for reimbursement.

What forms of payment do you accept?2020-12-14T06:13:06-07:00

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, and electronic check.

Unfortunately, we do not accept HSA cards at this time.

What other services do The COVID Consultants offer?2020-12-14T10:02:42-07:00

In addition to COVID testing, we offer business advisory services nationally, helping companies responsibly reopen.  Rates for business advisory are $650/hr with a 2 hour minimum for onsite consults.

We also offer an online COVID-19 training course. Ensure you and your staff are trained on all COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies. The COVIDefender™ online training course makes COVID-19 education fast, easy and simple. Know the facts.  Act, don’t react.

What is the situation with new SARS-CoV-2 strain?2020-12-22T17:43:42-07:00

The United Kingdom has reported a new variant, termed VUI 202012/01. Defined by multiple mutations in the viral spike protein (deletion 69-70, deletion 144-145, N501Y, A570D, D614G, P681H, T716I, S982A, D1118H), with N501Y and Y145del being possible sites directly contributing to its increased infectious efficiency. While it is unclear if this variant remains detectable by assays currently using the Spike protein (S gene) as an rRT-PCR target, the available data suggest that assays using other targets will detect this new strain.

The MicroGenDX COVID-19 KEY uses two regions of the Nucleocapsid (N gene) which, at present, appear to be conserved in the new strain meaning the COVID-19 KEY assay will reliably detect this variant under investigation. The extent of circulation of the new strain has not yet been determined and further mutations in the viral genome remain a possibility. MicroGenDX will continue to monitor emerging strains and adapt the COVID-19 KEY as necessary. A threat assessment brief from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has been
included as an attachment with this notice.

Inconclusive Results2021-01-09T19:00:37-07:00

In the rare event your test comes back inconclusive (the lab couldn’t identity if the sample was positive or negative on initial testing) it will need to be rerun by the laboratory. The new results will be available the following day. Should this happen we are not responsible for the delayed results and will not be able to offer a refund.