Our Services

The COVID Consultants provide onsite evaluations for businesses across the United States. We have created our own online COVID-19 training course for certification on best practices for COVID-19 risk mitigation. Offering COVID-19 PCR test kits nationwide.

Vaccine Scheduling Concierge

$30 per person

Our HIPAA certified vaccine scheduling team are experts at navigating the system. If you are eligible we will get you booked for the first available appointment at a location near you. Any rescheduling requests are the patients’ responsibility.  Vaccine appointments are scarce in many locations. We will check daily until your appointment is confirmed.  This process may take longer in some areas with limited access to vaccines. Please note, COVID-19 vaccines are free and no one should charge you for a vaccine or its administration.

Onsite Evaluation

Call for Pricing

A comprehensive evaluation in which members of our team visit your workplace and provide tailored recommendations derived from respected institutions such as the Infectious Disease Society of America and local departments of public health. This package includes a report of our thorough assessment, signage for workplace, certificate of consultation, employee health screening forms and access to COVID-19 testing. We will be available to your company for follow up questions or concerns.

Online COVID-19 Training Course: The COVIDefender™

$29.99 per person

Ensure you and your staff are trained on all COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies. The COVIDefender™ online training course makes COVID-19 education fast, easy and simple. Know the facts.  Act, don’t react.